How Does It Feel To Be Accepted?


Mark 7:26-30 “The woman was a Gentile, born in the region of Phoenicia in Syria. She begged Jesus to drive the demon out of her daughter. 27 But Jesus answered, “Let us first feed the children. It isn’t right to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.” “Sir,” she answered, “even the dogs under the table eat the children’s leftovers!” So Jesus said to her, “Because of that answer, go back home, where you will find that the demon has gone out of your daughter!” She went home and found her child lying on the bed; the demon had indeed gone out of her.

In the movie, Charlotte’s Web, Wilbur the pig, meets Charlotte the spider, for the first time. As they get acquainted, the other barn animals react in fear and disgust at the presence of an ugly spider. Charlotte explains to Wilbur about what spiders do for the barn and she is accepted for her role in the daily life of the farm. The woman, and outsider, comes to Jesus and asks for him to heal her daughter. Uncharacteristically, Jesus sends her away. The woman responds by saying, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s leftovers”. There are many thoughts about what this whole incident means, especially the woman’s answer. The woman is an “outsider”, she does not believe the same thing about Jesus as others do. She is a woman of means and is looking for her daughter to be saved from death. Jesus shows us that the even the crumbs of God’s table are enough for everyone, that all people have a place with God. Jesus accepts her for who she is and heals her daughter. Jesus tells us to be acceptable to all people, even those who are different or don’t understand us, God’s grace and love is for all people and we are to extend that love as people of God.